DeLaine Corrective Skin Care

The intriguing, ever evolving art of Plastic Surgery has our patients searching for corrective and anti-aging services, now more than ever.

As we opened up our Plastic Surgery and Laser Center over 10 years ago we shared our philosophy with each individual that walked through our doors. “We believe that less is more” and everyone, from teenagers to adults will benefit from customized, combination therapy.

Combination therapy is creating an individual treatment plan for each patient. From our amazing DeLaine skin care, to injectables and laser treatments we broaden the possibilities for our patients. There are numerous individuals that are not ready perhaps, for Plastic Surgery so this philosophy is an excellent alternative.

As we compiled data, compounded formulas and researched ingredients, our journey began. The search for a progressive chemist to create our unique formulas became our mission.

After 4 very long years, we are pleased and excited to introduce DeLaine by Michelle Douglas skin care. Our commitment to quality, consumer education and continual research is our vision and focus.

Whether your concern is anti-aging, acne or advanced facial rejuvenation DeLaine skin care will deliver dramatic results. Sold exclusively to physicians, Internationally and in the States our team of experts can share with you our vision and the road ahead

Can “brown spots” be eliminated or lightened with specific products?

Yes, brown spots can be eliminated and lightened. DeLaine has created a specific product called Fade that addresses the concerns of brown spots and redness. Daily use of Fade will substantially lighten discoloration while creating healthier skin with no side effects.

Can Fade be used on all types of skin?

Fade can be safely used on all skin types with excellent efficacy.

Can teens use DeLaine acne products?

Yes, teens see great results using DeLaine acne products. Treating acne in any age group requires a balance of treatment and hydration. The most important component to clearer skin is compliancy. Keeping the skin from being stripped will allow the unique Tea Tree Oil program to effectively deliver results without creating more aggravation and redness.

Does DeLaine offer products to treat acne?

DeLaine offers acne products that effectively calm aggravated and inflamed actinic, skin conditions. Tea Tree Oil Cleanser and Tea Tree Oil Masque were formulated featuring antiseptic properties to calm and smooth acne in teens and adults. Roscea patients respond very well to our Tea Tree Oil protocol.

What is the main, active ingredient in Fade?

The main ingredient in Fade is Tyrostat? Tyrostat helps reduce the formation of unwanted pigmentation allowing for control over skin tone. This key ingredient does not create any unwanted side effects and allows the patient to treat aggressive hyper pigmentation without extreme dryness.

What product or ingredient will make fine lines and wrinkles look better?

DeLaine offers a product called Perfect Hydration Moisturizer. This particular moisturizer is multi functional as it offers continual moisture. The main, active ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid works as a super hydrator to plump and refine skin. Applied overall as a daily moisturizer, Perfect Hydration Moisturizer can be applied to a specific area for instant smoothness.

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